Gill Shield

Prevents panfish from swallowing the hook

Why Gill Shield?

The Gill Shield is a revolutionary way to prevent panfish from swallowing the hook.

Whether you are an avid angler looking to fill the freezer with panfish, a conservationist who prefers to catch and release, or you enjoy fishing with children, there are many reasons to use Gill Shield:

Many reasons to choose gill shield:

Fishing with Children or Inexperienced Anglers:


  Make long-lasting memories with your children. Panfishing can be one of the most fun and relaxing activities to do outdoors, especially when children get involved. Using a Gill Shield when panfishing with inexperienced anglers can save you and your child the frustration that is brought on by swallowed hooks. The Gill Shield is a revolutionary fishing aid for those who are still learning to set the hook properly, or for those who have slower reaction times. No more swallowed hooks! 

Avid Anglers:


When panfishing, Gill Shield allows you the freedom to fish multiple lines at the same time. Having a bobber go down while you’re busy reeling in a different line is no longer a problem – Gill Shield will prevent panfish from swallowing the hook, ensuring a clean hook up.   

Conservation - Catch and Release:



Great for catch and release only ponds or for anglers with a passion for conservation. When panfish swallow the hook, they risk great injury that is often life threatening to the panfish. Gill Shield prevents panfish from swallowing the hook, allowing anglers a smooth and easy catch and release experience. 

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